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The Gears of Life
Do any of these comments hit a nerve with you?

Do you recall someone telling you something that has stayed with you and limited your self belief?
‘You’ll never be good at anything’

‘Boys don’t cry’

‘You won’t get into university, no one in this family has and never will, who do you think you are?’

‘So, you think you’re going to run your own business, how the hell are you going to do that? You’re useless at everything’

‘You’re too ugly to even think you’re going to meet someone, who’d want to fall in love with you’

‘You fat, ugly bastard’

‘You’re too short’

‘You’re too good looking’

‘You’re too nice, you’ll get walked over’

‘You’re too tall’ ‘You’re too ugly’ ‘You have no personality’

‘You’ll never be as good as your brothers and sisters’

‘We didn’t plan on having you son’, you were a mistake’

‘Shut up and get on with it’

‘Don’t tell anyone that we do these things, they won’t believe you and you’ll get disowned by the family’

‘Man up’

‘Pen Pusher’ ‘Geek’

‘You’re a man, you should do a mans job'
Is this where you are right now? The Lost Survivor
Lost in life, a lack of focus……
Living in survival mode?

Panicked, fearful or paralysed about the thought of personal change and development?

A good person, who has lost your way?

Tired of waking up with the best intentions for your day but not knowing where the hell to start?

Not believing that things can come together for you because you’re not quite sure if you have the right strategy, the right skills, or even luck – because you’ve been told at some point in your life that ‘good things don’t happen to people like you?’

Not making enough money, you have money blocks and limiting beliefs around yourself and money?

Living in a state of lack and comparing your life to others?

Lacking self-confidence, leading to low self-esteem and energy?

Not showing up as the best version of YOU, and do you even know what the best version of YOU is?

Excessively drinking alcohol or taking other substances to relax or be able to gain more confidence?

Busy mind, filled with constant thoughts and worries?

Sick of going around in circles with free training, webinars, e books or one-off coaching sessions?
Well, I can help you with all of this.
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