Ian Ambrose
Managing Director, Space Modular
Open your eyes, check emails on phone. Jump in shower, grab a coffee and out the door before your family has even woken. A full day absorbed in work…stressing and worrying everything will be okay before heading home to find your kids in their pyjamas and ready for bed. Put the kids to bed only for you to spend the rest of your evening checking your emails and catching up on any social media before doing it all again… does this sound familiar?

I would have been one of the last people you would expect to need help or guidance of this type. I consider myself to be a typical ‘happy go lucky’ typical ‘lads lad’, however when the pressures of business accompanied with my father’s bereavement came together, I found myself struggling and I became a fraction of the person I used to be.

It’s easy to mask with a smile as you still have to be the same person your colleagues and peers look to for guidance and who your friends and family turn to for fun and laughter, but the reality was I was depressed, I was lost, I’d lost my sense of purpose. Depression is a horrible state to be in, nobody wants to believe or admit they are suffering, but in reality, it affects so many of us.

Firstly, Claire is very easy to talk to and from my initial session with Claire, she listened and supported me in putting things into perspective, with no judgment. Claire helped me to identify the strengths and weak areas of my life and shared techniques with me to see how I could improve as a person. By learning to connect with myself again through meditation, ‘being present’ with myself, NLP and coaching allowed me to regain clarity and focus in my life. Setting goals and challenges to push me to achieve my targets.

Claire makes you realise how important you are and that you need to make time for yourself and appreciate the things around you, things which are right in front of your eyes.

After a couple of sessions, I honestly cannot tell you how great I felt, something had changed in me…. I have a spring in my step and feel like I could conquer any challenge and feel motivated & revitalised which has been noticed by my colleagues, friends and family.

To put simply…this is one of the best things I have ever experienced and I would highly recommend Claire’s programmes to anyone. Claire, I can’t thank you enough.
Hayley M
Therapist, Halo Holistics
Over the last few years, I have been in and out of practicing meditation. I’m a self-confessed meditation dabbler. I know the benefits, I’ve experienced the benefits for myself, I even tell others of the benefits of it. But even after completing countless courses, I still didn’t completely feel I was doing it right.

During lockdown I sort of felt I’d lost my drive and was just plodding along. When I heard Claire announce she was doing a course I knew it was just what I needed.

On previous courses I’ve attended it was full on for a few days’ classes, then I was left to my own device’s. I’d do a couple then slip out of practicing again. With Claire’s it was very different. What stood out mainly for me was the support, the Facebook group was fantastic from Claire posting inspiration daily to the other members sharing their experiences. Claire was always a message away if you needed any advice. A big plus for me was that it was all done from the comfort of your own home, so no excuses. And if you did have excuses Claire would have solutions haha.
Weekly meetings with Claire and the others were great, Claire would demonstrate different techniques and give tips and advice to us as individuals and as a group. The meditations were gradually built up weekly so you are not thrown into a 30-minute session straight away. Claire’s voice is soothing and felt comforting for me being a local voice in comparison to some meditations I’ve listened to online.

What I realised from this course is that to get the most from meditation you need to practice regularly, the more you practice the deeper you feel it. By having the constant support, the reminders and reassurance from Claire and the group I did it almost every day and that’s where I felt the difference, I didn’t let it slip like previous courses.

I would (and will) fully recommend this course to anyone, it doesn’t matter what level you are or even if you’ve never tried it before.

Thank you, Claire,.
Mel D  
Legal Director
So impressed and blown away by Claire's energy and effect on the room.
At the end of the course, I knew that this had been the most valuable investment of my life.
I found Claire to be very real and honest and not only talked through the process and the practice but also the theory and the science behind it - Thank you, Claire.”

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