Meditation for Apathy for High Performers




This meditation is designed to help people with apathy.

Apathy describes an absence of feeling or emotion. This can affect your motivation and leave you feeling detached from the world. Some of us may have stopped caring about everyday tasks, hobbies or personal interests. We may struggle to show interest and enthusiasm in our personal relationships, feelings of ‘not being bothered’ about spending time with others and experiencing little emotion or changes in mood.

Most people experience apathetic feelings from time to time, especially during times of stress. Recently even more so. I created this meditation in 2021 on the tail end of the pandemic. Most of my clients, friends and family kept on describing these feelings to me so I wanted to design this to help and support anyone who is feeling like this right now. It doesn’t last forever.

You can do many things to help you, such as meditation, getting out in nature, practising gratitude, volunteering and learning something new.

Check out this link (link this link to: to read more on apathy and languishing.

The meditation is 9 minutes long.


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