Meditation and Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner Claire Morton is one of the UK’s most sought-after transformational well-being coaches. Claire specialises in helping high performers “sort their head out” with her unique blend of science-based education, NLP, and a no-BS straight talking approach that supports individuals to live their lives to their full potential through her online programmes.

Having successfully worked with a large number of high performers, cultivating their mental, emotional, spiritual and business performance through deep subconscious coaching and meditation practices. Claire decided to focus her 20+ years of coaching experience to a pure and deep level, knowing that her coaching has the capability to completely, positively change lives, to level up and change the world for the better.

Claire continues to coach, guide and support her clients and students with a coaching model based on love, trust, honesty and above all, a sense of humour. She has a talent and connection that brings out the best in people. 

Claire’s vision is to support high performers who have lost their mojo and want to change from being a ‘lost soul’ leaving the 'big burn out' of working TOO MANY HOURS, DOING TOO MUCH, NOT ASKING FOR SUPPORT, living in survival mode the list goes on... to someone who is strong in mind and body, creating their own unique, high performing successful life and thriving business.
A multiple award winner with over 20 years of coaching experience in the private and public sector, Claire is an expert in meditation, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, yoga and wellbeing care as well as being a fully qualified yoga teacher, alongside her work as a Master NLP practitioner and leadership development specialist.

From Claire’s corporate days in Human Resources, she picked up a hell of a lot of experience, knowledge and qualifications. Claire also serves as an MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) practitioner, reiki healer and uses her well-being methods to help shed depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and lack of confidence to support high performers in their journey of life and to realise their true purpose.

When not serving her students to live their best lives and supporting charities, you’ll catch her meditating, enjoying music, especially dance music, attending festivals, listening to Audible whilst being pulled along by her two huskies, Nukka and Levi. Claire loves to travel the world with her family, is partial to Prosecco, chip butties, coffee, bad singing and loves taking part in and also facilitating.

Claire likes to view life though a positive lens which you can hear for yourself every week on her Wirral Wave Radio’s 'All Being Well Show'. Expect great guests and a fun, humorous and grateful take on life every week.

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